Caught In A Trap – Saturday 26th April /

Are you aware how our sisters, daughters, or or even sons could be targeted, groomed, and entrapped feeling helpless?

Our Mandir is proud to host guest speaker Bhai Mohan Singh of the Sikh Awareness Society, who’ll be giving our community a seminar on the topic of grooming and entrapment, specifically the potential of those vulnerable being targeting in communities like ours.

921701_674033422656162_1088534771_o‘‘We need to make our community aware that Hindus are being entrapped and groomed as are others from other communities.
They are drawn into sexual relationships over time by individuals and gangs ultimately leading to abuse and entrapment.
The victims who can be of both genders are not able to escape and in some cases this may involve them being
sold as sex slaves abroad.’’

We hope you understand the importance of this topic, and will pass on the invitation to attend to friends and family of our community.

Please note, due to the topics being discussed, this talk may not be suitable for those aged under 10.

The talk will commence on Saturday the 26th of April, at 7:15pm sharp without delay. Please arrive in good time before then.