Hanuman Jayanti – Friday 19th April

He is the son of the wind, the epitome of devotion and the guardian of love. He is our protector, our saviour and the heart that lays its faith in him has no room for fear… He is Hanuman.

On Friday 19th April, we will be celebrating Hanuman Jayanti. Hanumanji has never failed to protect Bhagwan. Whether it is during the time of Ram, Shyam or Ghanshyam. Let us celebrate this day with a reminder that he is always looking out for us. May our faith always be greater than our fears.

Come join us from 7:30pm onwards.

Ramnavmi & Swaminarayan Jayanti – Sunday 14th April

On Sunday 14th April, we’re inviting you all to celebrate the auspicious day of Ramnavmi and Swaminarayan Jayanti at East London Mandir.

Ram Janma aarti takes place at 12pm, there will be a grand fruit ankutt on display all day and in the evening at 7pm, we kick off Swaminarayan Bhagwan Mahotsav with a raas and aarti.




Rang Utsav – Sunday 24th March

Maha Raas & Fundraising – Saturday 9th March

Daasatva Shibir 2019 is fast approaching and Ramkrushna Swami has set some niyams for all Mandirs to do.

We are holding a joint Maha Raas with the haribhaktos at Woolwich Mandir on Saturday 9th March from 7pm onwards, with all proceeds on the day being donated to the Pulwama Attack victims.

You can also donate on our fundraising page until the 17th of March 2019!

Maha Shivratri – Monday 4th March

193rd Shikshapatri Jayanti – Sunday 10th February

Join us on Sunday 10th February to celebrate the 193rd Shikshapatri Jayanti at East London mandir!

Shikshapatri Poojan and Paath takes place from 10.30am.




Lunar Eclipse – Monday 21st January

Jay Shree Swaminarayan,

On Monday 21st January 2019 there is a lunar eclipse. Its timings are as follows:

Start time – 03:33am
End time – 06:51am

According to our Sampraday, consumption of food should stop from 16:08pm on Sunday 20th January 2019.

Children, elderly, unable and unwell individuals who can observe, should obey the fast from 00:30am on the 21st.

Saak Utsav – Sunday 13th January

Jay Shree Swaminarayan,

To mark the end of this pavitra month of Dhanurmaas – Saak Utsav has been organised by our Mandir on Sunday 13th January. Swaminarayan Bhagwan first did the Saak Utsav in Loya in the presence of many haribhaktos and santos cooking over a 1000kg of aubergines.

8.30am to 9.30am – Dhanurmaas Dhun
9.30am to 10.30am – Morning sabha
10.30am onwards, Saak Utsav in presence of 6 Bhuj Dham santo.

Please come along! There will also be prasad available.

Dhanurmaas – 17th Dec to 14th Jan

Monday 17th December marks the start of the winter month of Dhanurmaas. In Dhanurmaas, it is considered very auspicious to perform good deeds early in the morning. This is why dhuns and kirtans are sung in the Mandir.

During this month, Shree Krishna Bhagwan also went to His guru, Sandipani Rushi, to receive His education. We celebrate this by waking Ghanshyam Maharaj up early and adorning the sinhasan to prepare Him for school.

Therefore, until Monday 14th January 2019 (marking the end of Dhanurmaas), we will carry out the Swaminarayan Mahamantra dhun every Sunday from 8:30-9:30am.