What sorts of activities do the Mandir have for children?

There are many different types of activities for children in the Mandir. For the boys there is singing practice on Monday’s between 7.30 – 9, Dhol practice on Tuesday’s from 7 to 9 and Sabah on Thursdays again from 7 till 9. For girls there is Tabla practice on Tuesday’s from 7-9 and Sabah on Friday’s from 8-9.

What sorts of activities do you have planned for children throughout the year?

We usually have a Fun Day in the summer; this is most likely to be in July and in a Park nearby. In December we also have a Christmas Fun Day in which we play games in the mandir and last year we had a bouncy castle.

Why do we go to mandir?

We go to mandir because we believe in God and we want to become closer to him and this is done through going to the mandir. Here you can do your darshan and sit through the prayers and feel closer to him. It is also a place in which to learn new things these can be from friends or elderly people  or even the swami’s that are reading the Kantha’s.

What do we get out of coming to mandir?

When we go to mandir we should have God in our minds and if we truly believe in him then going to mandir should be a part of daily life not something you are forced to do. We go there to learn about our culture, the history of our religion and hear interesting stories about God. Mandir is also one the steps into getting salvation (going to Akshardham)

Why does God allow people to suffer?

God does stop some events from happening but if he knows people commit or have committed bad deed, for example they weren’t following the right path of religion then he will allow them to be punished. But you may ask then why does he kill innocent people? Even if God let innocent people die he is going to take them to a better place (Akshardham). He is only taking the bad people and having them tortured.

Why do we go Mandir if God is everywhere?

God maybe everywhere because he looks out for people, The Mandir is not just a building, its God’s home. We go there to feel the presence of God; it is a place in which you can learn about God as well as being inspired by people who are focused on God.

Is praying pointless?

Praying is not pointless because some share their feelings to God which makes them feel better. They might feel comfortable sharing their feelings with him and no-one else. Some say it is pointless because you’re talking to yourself, God doesn’t replay. God may not be reply but he is always listening to you.