Dussera/Vijya Dashmi

When Lord Ram, Sita and Laxman were fulfilling the promise given to His mother Kaikeyi, demon Ravan kidnapped Sita. The battle between the armies of Lord Ram and Ravan ensued. This battle lasted 9 days without any conclusive result. On the tenth day, Lord Ram killed Ravan. This day is celebrated as “Vijya Dasmi” – the victory day. It signifies the victory of good over evil. After losing everything in the game of dice, Pandavs have taken shelter, in disguise in the Kingdom of Virat. Duryodhan was trying his best to unmask the Pandavs. He declared war on kingdom of Virat in the hope that Pandavs will come to assist the king of Virat and in doing so, they would be recognised. Arjun took up the challenge and went to fight. Before going to the battlefield, he retrieved his weapons from a secret hideout and performed the Puja of his weapons. This day also happened to be Dussera. On this day warriors worship their weapons.