About 5000 years ago King Ugrasen ruled Mathura. He had a son, Kans and a daughter Devki. Kans loved his sister very dearly. On Devki’s wedding, Kans acted as a charioteer of bridal carriage. On the way back from the wedding, Kans heard the prophecy from the sky, “O Kans! The eighth child of your sister will bring your death.” Kans got scared and foolishly thought of a plan to ward off the death. He prisoned his beloved sister and her husband, and killed every child born to them. All along, Kans forgot one thing; you cannot avoid death. Everyone has to die one day. And the prophecy cannot be untrue. Nonetheless, Kans killed his seven nephews. The eighth child to born of Devki happened to be God Himself. On His birth, He asked His father Vasudev to take Him to Gokul and bring back the daughter born to Nand and Yashoda. In the morning, when the news of the newly born was given to Kans, he grabbed the daughter and proceeded to kill her. As he was about to kill her, she escaped from his hands and flew skyward. Departing, she said to Kans, “O fool Kans. Your killer is already born, and beyond your reach.” Though, Lord Krishna was born at midnight in prison of Mathura, His birth was announced in Gokul the next morning. He spent eleven years in Gokul – Vrandavan before proceeding to Mathura to kill Kans and turn prophecy into truth. In accordance with the edict of Shikshapatri, satsangis fast today and celebrate His birthday with pomp and festivity.