Moral Stories

MORAL: No matter who you tell a lie to, they will find out one day

Leena had everything; a loving family, a best friend and was very popular in school. Everyone loved her because she was honest, modest and trustworthy. Though on the odd occasion she would make up stories thinking that no-one would ever find out the truth.

It was only after her mum began to hear stories, that her daughter was telling others. Her mum was confused as to why she was telling such lies. Her mum waited for Leena to tell her but it was too late…

One day Leena came back from school crying; she dropped her bags and ran up to her room, her mum ran up the stairs after Leena realising she was upset. Her mum asked what was wrong and Leena sat there explaining she had made up lies.

“Mum I just didn’t think anyone would find out because they were just silly things I came up with when I couldn’t think of reasons”

“Leena you should know that no matter what lie you tell you shouldn’t tell a lie, it can sometimes ruin your life forever, especially if someone is a friend or family member.”

Leena’s mum advised her to apologise to everyone and begin to tell the truth. Her friends and family forgave her for what she had done.


MORAL: Always stand up to yourself

Seema had always had a lot of friends at school, but soon she realised that she didn’t actually know who her real friends were. She began to gradually realise who they were. Seema knew she couldn’t keep being treated this way; she felt used.

Soon after she was glad to have made new friends, in a short time she forgot about her “friends”. Though she still stayed friends with a girl called Jyoti; they seemed to understand each other, especially because they both felt like they were disliked a lot by the others in their class.

Jyoti soon began to hate one of Seema’s friends – Anjali. Seema always felt she was stuck in the middle and had to choose between them in some situations. This went on for a few months and Seema realised that Jyoti was a friend but she knew that to Jyoti she wasn’t a friend outside of school because Jyoti never met up with Seema outside of school and they hardly spoke outside of school.

Seema got so annoyed that she was being used, that she told Jyoti that she deserves more than this and that she is wasting her time. Jyoti knew she was using Seema because she didn’t have many friends that liked her.

Soon Seema was glad she was no longer friends with Jyoti, because she soon realised that she was a bad influence.


MORAL: Never hold grudges with friends or family

Badal loved his friend – Navin, but his friend made him angry and mad. His friend was always taking his stuff but never giving them back. Navin took his PSP to play with but never gave it back to him. He took his watch and broke it. Navin would sometimes come to his house and would change the channel when Badal was watching TV!
Badal got fed up with Navin and just began to be annoyed at him until he understood.

“Navin I don’t like you, your being horrible to me!” said Badal.

Badal thought he was joking and so walked away and went to play with some other friends in the playground. Navin was playing outside but looked very sad and missed Badal.

They were soon mad with each other…

“Badal, I’m sorry if I have upset you.”

“Navin, there is no point saying sorry if you don’t know what you have done!”
Navin began to feel really bad for whatever he had done but couldn’t think of what he done which made Badal dislike him.

After 2 weeks they began to miss each other very much so Badal went to Navin’s house and told him why he was annoyed with him. Navin agreed he wouldn’t do things that upset Badal again and take his stuff without promising to bring them back. They soon forgave each other and were friends again. They promised to tell each other things that annoyed them so that they didn’t fight again.


MORAL: Don’t be two-faced

There was a girl called Kajal who went to a lovely school and had friends who she loved and who loved her too. One day a new girl – Katrina started school. Kajal wasn’t a girl who made new friends easily but saw Katrina sitting alone in the playground.

One lunch-time Katrina asked Kajal if she could play with her as she hadn’t made any new friends yet.

“Yeah, course you can Katrina.”

“Thank you, said Katrina.

  Kajal wasn’t in one day and so Katrina played with Kajal’s friends. When Kajal came back, Katrina was nice to her and invited her around her house, other times she would talk to Kajal’s friends but not her.

Kajal didn’t understand why she was behaving this way so she asked her…

“Katrina are we friends or not? It seems that you to choose when you talk to me and when you don’t!”

Katrina fell silent and didn’t know what to say!


MORAL: Be grateful for everything you have in life

Summer holidays had just begun. Reshma was excited to go to Kenya for her holiday. She hadn’t been for ages and wanted to meet her family there.

She had understood the poverty in Africa, but didn’t think much of it at the time… she began to enjoy the holiday and visiting family she hadn’t seen for a while.

Reshma went to town that day and on her way there she was looking out the window whilst driving through the city. It was then when Reshma realised how lucky she was to have a family, food, water and shelter. Her heart sank and her eyes became teary when she saw the people who were building shelters on the road and a family of four living under one shelter which was not any bigger then a pavement on the streets of London. And on one pavement were atleast 20 different shelters.

When Reshma came back to London she finally realised why her mum said that people in Africa are not as fortunate as us, so be grateful for what you have.


MORAL: Time is very valuable

Ashok was very lazy, he always done things in the last minute; homework, planning parties and even in the morning he would reach school at the bell. Sooner of later everyone realised Ashok was unreliable.

His friends would tell him to meet them 15 minutes before others so they knew he would be on time.

Ashok didn’t understand the value of time and how important it was to be on time and to do things on time.

One day, Ashok was asked to go to his best friend’s party. The party wasn’t town, but was about a 2 hour drive. Ashok as usual didn’t consider that there will be traffic on the road because it was a Friday and the roads were very busy. Ashok, who was very lazy, ended up missing his best friend’s party because he left exactly 2 hours before the party and was stuck in traffic.

His best friend never forgave him for being silly and leaving exactly 2 hours before the party started. Ashok then learnt that he should always plan things carefully and use time wisely.


MORAL: Friendship can be made blindly

Kishan and Sanjay were walking home one evening, unaware of each others company. They both had to go through an alley way; both frightened of each other, and frightened that they were going to get killed. As they stood on opposite sides of the alley, they stared into each others eyes as if they were going to attack each other.

Feeling tired, both of them just wanted to go home and rest after a long day at work. After a few minutes they both decided that if they wanted to hurt each other they would have done so by now. So they both walked past the alley and smiled. As they walked past each other another man appeared but seeing that both of them were together the man was no longer able to hurt either of them.

Both, Kishan and Sanjay stopped and waited for the man to walk away before they went their separate ways.


MORAL: Always think before speak

One day a boy called Sapan, was talking to his friend and he was telling his friend how he was going on holiday this summer. His friend was fascinated by the way in which Sapan was describing Africa. His friend asked him whether he had ever been there before because Sapan had managed to describe it in so much detail.

“Yes I have family out there and we use to go there regularly.” said Sapan

Sapan kept going on about Africa every day for a week until he went. One lunchtime his friend asked Sapan where in Africa his family lived but Sapan couldn’t answer because he didn’t have family out there and had only been to Africa once.

A few days before Sapan was leaving to go to Africa, his ticket was cancelled because there had been an over booking at the hotel he was staying at…

His friend asked him why he wasn’t going any more and Sapan said that there had been an over booking at the hotel.

“Sapan, I thought you had family out in Africa, why don’t you stay with them?” said his friend.

“Erm…they aren’t in the country then, they are going on holiday too.”

Sapan was glad his friend didn’t ask any more questions because other wise Sapan would have been said something else, he didn’t mean.


MORAL: Always help someone when you can

There was once a girl called, Sumita. Sumita was very independent and people enjoyed being with her. One day Sumita was walking to the local shops, when she saw a man who was unable to walk. Sumita thought about it and helped the man cross the road safely.

The man was lost of words and didn’t know how he could thank Sumita for helping him. He told Sumita that he will promise to help her one day.

One day Sumita was in the park with her friends when she was playing on the swings and she fell. Sumita needed help urgently and there was no phone near by. The old man happened to walk through the park and see Sumita who had injured herself. The old man offered to help by calling the ambulance and her mum.

Sumita was taken to the hospital and was treated, all thanks to the old man who had seen helped and he returned the favour to her.


MORAL: Having a big ego doesn’t get you far in life

On a hot Summers day, Tanika went to the park with her friends. They were all sitting on the grass and talking about what they were going to do during the Summer holidays.

A girl from Tanika’s school came to the park, as she walked past Tanika and her friend…

“You girls need to get out the park and go some shopping you have no nice clothes” she shouted.

Tanika and her friends looked at her with disgust. Tanika walked up to her and said…

“Clothes and Money may not be able to buy me everything, but atleast I know who my real friends are.”

This left her speechless and she walked off without saying a word. 


MORAL: Never pretend to be someone who your not

Radhika had a friend called Leena. Her and Leena did everything together and were always at each others houses.

  One day at school Radhika wasn’t in and so Leena made a new friend, unaware of her being a bad influence. Leena began to hang out with her new friend more instead of Radhika. Radhika felt saddened to see her friend make the wrong choice.

As the weeks went by, Radhika saw Leena change; the way she dressed, spoke and pretended Radhika didn’t even exist.

Soon Leena got bored of her new friend and asked Radhika to forgive her for being so mean and leaving her like that…

Radhika was really hurt by what Leena had done and wanted her to know how it felt to be hurt by your best friend.

Leena was truly sorry about what she had done and knew that she had hurt Radhika so badly and wanted to be her friend again. Radhika did forgive her but Leena knew that if it was anyone else, she would have lost the true best friend she ever had because of her carelessness


MORAL: Always be prepared for the worst in situations

Hansa always spent her money as if it grew on trees. When she was had money she would spend it; whether it was on clothes, food or even furniture. Hansa’s mum would always tell her to save money because she may need it one day. Hansa believed that she will always have money and won’t need to worry about not having some one day.

Hansa’s mum asked Hansa to stop spending her money on herself and help others or save it. And that she may regret some day that she used money without thinking on unnecessary items.

It was Hansa’s mums birthday and Hansa had been wanting to buy her mum a ring that her mum was always going on about and saving up for it. But Hansa thought that she could get the ring for her mum on her birthday. Hansa knew her mum would love the ring. When Hansa got to the store, and picked out the ring she was getting ready to pay for it when she was £100 short! Due to this, Hansa was unable to buy the ring for her mum. Hansa knew that if she had listened to her mum when her mum told her, she would have been able to save the money and buy the ring for her mum.


MORAL: Never give up, keep trying until you succeed

Bindu always tried hard in everything she done, she felt it was important to try and get the best out of it. It made Bindu feel better about herself when she tried and succeeded.

One day Bindu had her exams but was very scared. She knew that she will get what she deserves and not what she wants. This made Bindu work hard because it would mean that she would deserve a higher grade and hopefully achieve what she wants. Bindu tried so hard and revised for 3 hours every night for 2 months to ensure that she covered every topic before the exam.

Time came and it was exam day, Bindu felt quite confident about the exam and was willing to give it her best in the exam, so she could make her family proud too. Bindu knew that she had worked hard enough to ensure that the stuff she had revised was in her knowledge somewhere and she had to be patient in order for her to do well.

It was results day and Bindu was nervous to open her exam results but she knew that what ever she got was what she deserved.


MORAL: Think before you act

Once upon a time there lived two girls – Anjali and Poonam. They had been good friends since high school and were still friends. They always looked out for each other and went to each other for help in difficult situations.

One day both of them went shopping in Central London. As they were shopping one man asked them if they wanted to try this free sample of perfume and if they liked it they could take it for free. Anjali was so excited about this thought and wanted to try the perfume.

“No, there must be some trick” said Poonam.

“Poonam, why you being silly, this man is trying to make us a sale” replied Anjali. Anjali didn’t try the perfume and they walked off.

A few days later Anjali was reading the newspaper when, she read an article about people who steal perfumes and they allow the public to test them and take the stolen perfume. Anjali was so shocked knowing that if she has tried it and liked it she would be reliable for having a stolen perfume.


MORAL: We can’t be good at everything, trying your best is good enough

Priya always liked to do things the right way. She felt she hadn’t achieved anything unless she did well even if she tried her very best.

One day Priya was entered in a science competition and was asked to compete against other schools in the borough. Priya knew she had to win the competition or she will feel like a failure. The day of the competition was immense. All the students were very nervous, all wanting to do their school proud!

Priya had loved science even though she knew she wasn’t as good as others but was good enough to make it to the top 5 students in the year. She had been revising for this competition for 2 months; she was representing her school and didn’t want to let the school down.

Priya knew she hadn’t done exceptionally well but thought she still had a chance of winning. The results were announced and Priya’s school had come 5th. Priya felt as if she didn’t achieve anything and coming 3th meant she had let her school down.

Her mum told her that…

“No-one is good at everything, in life we all have weaknesses and we have to learn to live with them.”


MORAL: Be yourself and not what others want you to be

A little girl called Lucy went to a school where everyone was popular. She wanted to be just like everyone else; feel loved. So after a few weeks she built up her confidence and she went to school; loud, loads of make up, different personality, change is dress sense… For the first time she felt like she was part of “The Crew”.

Lucy didn’t think anything at the time but as the day went by she wondered to herself.  “Why did I do this?” It got to about lunch when she was fed up of being something she wasn’t. She tried to be herself. One of her friends Beth was curious and confused.

“Lucy, what are you doing? You looked really cool this morning.”

Well, I guess that’s not who I am! Why should I pretend to be something I’m not, I’m happy the way I am and I really don’t know what came over me this morning, sorry.


MORAL: Don’t listen to everything you hear

A few years ago, people used go to others for advice and take it, believing everything is true.

One day, a man was watering his plants and flowers outside in his front garden when his neighbour told him that it’s not good for the flowers to be overcrowded as it doesn’t allow the flowers to get the proper nutrients.

“Well what can I do with all of the beautiful flowers that I have spent growing?”

“How about you give me some so I can put them in a vase in my house?”

The old man agreed and gave a bunch to the women… A few weeks passed when he realised that the only reason his neighbour told him it wasn’t good for the flowers was because she wanted some flowers for herself.


Moral of the story- You do not need to make up lies, to try and fit in

Katrina was a little girl; she wanted to be popular like the other girls in school. She wanted to be noticed and to feel important too, but Katrina felt so disliked and didn’t know what to do. She was a good girl who did what her parents said, but one day Katrina thought that if she told a lie about something she has, she’d make her friends feel sorry for her. So one day Katrina fainted and her friends thought she was having a seizure. Her friends were all shocked and they believed in Katrina’s lie. They thought she must have been diagnosed with Epilepsy recently as they were not aware she was epileptic.

Soon Katrina became centre of attention and people started to feel sorry for her. But Katrina’s lie was tested when her friend asked her, “When was you diagnosed with epilepsy and how comes you never told us?”  When Katrina heard that she began to feel really embarrassed. Before she could answer her friends, she walked away saying nothing. Days went by and her friends kept asking whether she was okay.

When Katrina fainted again due the hot weather, her friends became more worried and were unaware of where she kept her epileptic pen. They looked at each others and thought some things not right. One of her friends went to get an epileptic pen form the first aid kit, just as one friend pretended to inject it in her.

That day her friends were shocked and she too was quite surprised that they helped her. So Katrina thanked her friends and said, “I’m sorry I lied. I should have told the truth; and without you I might have died!” She told them that she wanted to do something so she knew people cared about her.  But she didn’t know that a lie could cause her such a fate. Her friends told her that she was a great friend and they liked her the way she was, but most of all they hoped she learned to never lie again. Her life was so much better when she simply told the truth.


Moral: Being lazy could lead to great trouble

Once upon a time there was a woman who lived in Africa, called Aarti who was outside her garden trying to pick up her laundry as there had been a warning for a thunderstorm. She washed and dried the clothes for her family and bought all the food they will need so they could be warm and safe inside the house. Next door lived another woman called Krupa who watched what Aarti was doing.

“Why are you stressing come to my house and we can sit in the garden and enjoy the beautiful weather.”

Aarti was confused by how relaxed Krupa was.

“Not today Krupa, I’m staying inside the house today with my family and the weather isn’t going to last this long so I suggest you do your laundry now and put it out to dry.”

Aarti was worried for Krupa but Aaarti knew what she was doing was for the best for herself and her family.  When the thunderstorm finally came, it lasted a few days; Aarti was all prepared for it and was able to look after her family. Whereas, Krupa didn’t have any clothes to last the days as she was unable to get clean water and so she went to ask Aarti but she told her to be prepared next time and didn’t help her.

“You should have thought about it before Krupa!”


Moral: Better to be safe then sorry

Bina was a young girl who had a friend called Kajal. One day Bina went to Kajal’s house and they were playing on the swings in the garden; when all of a sudden Kajal heard a knock on the door. They were both alone in the house so they didn’t know what to do. Bina warned her friend not to open the door and just go inside the house but pretend they didn’t hear the door. The girls began to get scared and Kajal started to cry. Bina told her not to worry just ignore it they will go away. So they both tried to hide so that they couldn’t be seen.

They both found a place to hide and eventually Kajal stopped crying. After about 10 minutes the knock on the door stopped so they both came out of their hiding places.

They began to laugh at each other. Even though it was scary it was a fun game to play hide and seek.

Bharti told Kajal that she had been in the house alone before when that happened and she was told not to open the door. So tried to pretend the person wanted to blow down her house; so she had to hide. No matter how hard the person knocked he couldn’t open the door, so she was all right


MORAL: No matter who you tell a lie to, they will find out one day


MORAL: No matter who you tell a lie to, they will find out one day


MORAL: No matter who you tell a lie to, they will find out one day