NarNarayan Dev Jayanti – Wednesday 23rd March /

NarNarayan Dev Jayanti marks the birth of Lord Nar and Lord Narayan.

Together they represent the eternal companionship of the human soul (Nar) and the Divine Lord (Narayan). NarNarayan Dev manifested at Narayan Ghat on the banks of the river Sabarmati at Ahmedabad and it is for this reason, Their murtis were installed by Shri Swaminarayan in Ahmedabad mandir.

On this day, devotees place Bhagvans murti on a swing adorned with flowers (fuldol) and gently swing Him, in the same spirit as the Yadavs who joyfully took turns to push Arjun and Lord Krishna on a swing they made from trees and flowers on Mount Girnar.

We’ll be celebrating in East London with Fuldol utsav, pujan and raas from 7.30pm on Wednesday the 23rd of March. Please bring flowers to mandir by Tuesday for use in the abhishek.