Sahajanand School ePetition

Sahajanand School has been hiring Shaftesbury Primary School for over fourteen years, where it houses numerous classes as part of its 100-strong student community. Sahajanand School was notified at short notice that Shaftesbury School are undertaking refurbishment and building works, and will therefore Sahajanand School would not able to hire the vast majority of their premises from 21st Feb on the grounds of Health & Safety, including hallways, indoor access to bathrooms, or the car park. The building work is scheduled for six months and may be extended further.

Shaftesbury School is hired on the weekends by numerous local community groups including ourselves – none of which were informed or involved in the decision to undergo these building works, even though we are stakeholders who are deeply affected by the suspension of our lettings. Our school plays an important part in our Hindu community and have being running for over 26 years playing a key role to our youth. Access to Shaftesbury Primary School is vital for our Gujarati school and we need your support by presenting a petition to necessary parties to get Shaftesbury Primary School to change their mind on the timings of their building works to a time where the work does not disrupt the local community groups that hire this venue, and the children who study at Gujarati School who if not re-housed, may not be able to partake in end of year exams, including OCR GCSE Examinations.

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