Six Orginal Temple


The first temple was built at Ahmedabad. The massive piece of land was presented by the British authorities. Shreeji Maharaj requested Swami Anandanand to be the overall construction manager. The images of Nar-Nararayan Dev were installed by Lord Swaminarayan on the 24th of Febuaray 1822 (S.V. 1878). On such occasions many charitable observations are made, such as feeding the brahmins, and this occasion was no acception. Lord Swaminarayan invited all the brahmins in and around Ahmedabad district. In total there were about sixty thousand brahmins, who were given alms.


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Date Built – 24th of Febuaray 1822 (S.V. 1878)


The next temple that Shreeji Maharaj had embarked on was at Bhuj in the District of Kutch. Many of the devotees who had realised the greatness and true glory of Shreeji Maharaj had requested him to build and inaugurate a temple in their city. At this request Shreeji Maharaj constructed a wonderful temple under the management of Vaishnavanand Swami. The temple was opened on 15th May 1823. The idols of Nar-Narayan Dev were installed by Shreeji Maharaj as Bhuj was under the Ahmedabad discose.

Date Built -15th May 1823

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Shreeji Maharaj’s construction programme then headed towards Vadtal, in the Southern discose. Again it was at the request of staunch devotees such as Joban Pagi that Shreeji Maharaj ordered Swami Brahmanand and Swami Aksharanand to look after the construction. The Vadtal temple is the home of Laxmi-Narayan Dev, Shreeji Maharaj also installed Dharmadev, Bhaktimata and Vasudev. Shreeji Maharaj for the first time installed an idol of himself and named it as Hari-Krishna, with an idol of Radha-Krishna beside it.

3rd of November 1824

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Next came the huge temple at Junagadh, where the images of Radha Raman Dev were installed by Shreeji Maharaj himself. The construction work of this great temple was given to Brahmanand Swami. Additional idols of Ranchhod-Rayaji (Lord Krishna), Trikamji and Sidheshwar Mahadev(Lord Shiva) were also installed. The land for this temple was donated by Darbar Jeenabhai, who was a very close devotee of Shreeji Maharaj. The opening festival was held on the 1st of May 1828 (S.V. 1884).

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Dholera was the next stop Shreeji Maharaj handed the management of this temple to Nishkulanand Swami, and architect by nature, and Swami Adbutanand. The construction of this temple was invited by Poojaji Darbar of Dholera village. The idols of Madan Mohanji Maharaj was installed on the 19th of May 1826.


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The final temple which Shreeji Maharaj embarked on was at Gadhada or commonly known as Gadhpur. Shreeji Maharaj had spent the best part of his life in the darbar of Dada Kacher who was every inch a Swaminarayan bhagat. At the request of Dada Kacher and his sisters Jivuba and Laduba, Shreeji Maharaj constructed the temple at the very place where he himself used to stay and made his home. Dada Kacher therefore donated this land for the construction of the temple. The images of Gopinathji Maharaj and Radhaji, and has he did in Vadtal, he also installed the images of Dharmadev, Bhaktimata and Vasudev. The idol or Surya-Narayan, the Sun God was also installed at this temple.. Shreeji Maharaj himself had supervised the construction work for the temple and worked extremely hard during the building stages. The temple was inaugurated on the 9th of October 1828.

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