SSYM UK Shibir 2016 – Easter 2016 /

The Shree Swaminarayan Yuvak Mandal Shibir will the first ever Shibir of its kind, hosted by Bhuj Dham YM Santo. This retreat will bring together youth from all over the country, with a spiritual and social “camp” held in the picturesque setting of Condover Hall – North Wales.

The Shibir will be for 3 nights, from Good Friday 25th March to Easter Monday 28th March 2016. Transport will be provided free of charge of East London Yuvak Mandal attendees. The fee for the event is subsidised to £80 and includes accomodation, food and all the events held over this busy and exciting weekend.

The theme for the weekend will be “Apanu Laksha” – Our Goal.

Not only will this be a way to grow yourself spiritually, but an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded youngsters from across the country. This event caters for those of all levels of knowledge, from those who have never heard the word “Shibir” before, to those who attend sabhas every week – so please join us along with all your friends!

Admission is restricted to youngsters above 14. To attend, please complete the below form and hand in at the Mandir desk, or email [email protected]

Click here for Application Form