Swaminarayan Jayanti & Ramnavmi – Wednesday 5th April /

Dharma ghera Anand bhayo, Jay bolo Ghanshyam ki… Chhapaiya me Lal bhayo, Jay bolo Ghanshyam ki…”

Ramnavami, or the birthday of Lord Ram, falls on Chaitra Sud Navmi. It was also on this day in VS 1837 that Shree Swaminarayan Bhagvan was born in Chhapaiya. As such, this day marks one of the most auspicious festivals in our sampraday.

Devotees spend the day fasting, making grand offerings of food to Bhagvan, and in the evening singing kirtans, playing raas and performing aarti.

Ramnavmi aarti will take place at 12pm. Swaminarayan Janmotsav aarti is at 7.30pm, followed by raas utsav.

Swaminarayan Jayanti & Ram Namvi Poster 2017