Yuvak Mandal Volunteers /

Yuvak Mandal is the youth wing of our temple, responsible for the managing of various activities within our Mandir. We’re always in need of more ideas and hands to help. Have a look at our sub-teams within our structure for anything you find interesting, and we’ll be happy to help your seva.

Audio/Visual Operating and ensuring effective running of Mandir audio system, camera feeds, and projector displays where required for presentations.

Bal Mandal Running activities for younger yuvaks and yuvatis.

Band Providing live instrumental music for Mandir events such as Patotsav and Tharthalis, as well as external private events.

Cultural Programme Annual entertainment programme held every Patotsav, showcasing our cultural gems.

Decoration Preparing visual feasts for our community, decorating the Mandir for large events throughout the year.

Events Coordinating and planning the special events we run throughout the year, such as fundays, trips, and religious celebrations.

Food Serving Ensuring prashad is distributed safely and effectively in the Mandir Kitchen.

Graphics Designing and publishing promotional material for events using Adobe Design Suite

Monthly Seminar Managing the monthly YM Seminar sessions held at the end of Gujarati School on the last Saturday of every month. Involves presentations and other fun and educational activities.

Photography/Video Capturing Mandir events to share across the world via our Website Gallery.

Sahajanand School Our busiest team, managing and helping to effectively run our Saturday Gujarati School where around 100 children study.

Sports Managing sports events for the youth of our Mandir, including weekly football sessions as well as special events during our fundays.

Website Requires avid writers to update visitors on upcoming events and explain our Sampraday, as well as technically skilled individuals to help with back-end system work.

Yuvati Mandal Representing the girls within our Mandir, planning activities and regular events.


If you’re interested in helping out with any of the above teams, please email:

[email protected]