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Shikshapatri Jayanti – Thursday 30th January

194 years ago, Shree Hari sat down in the Hari Mandap in Vadtal and wrote the Shikshapatri for the benefit of all living souls. Containing the essence of all the shastras including the Vedas, this small yet powerful scripture is the key to unlocking the power that resides within us. Come join us on Thursday […]

Seminar at SSW – Saturday 11th January

It gives us great pleasure to announce a special and unique seminar/discussion taking place for all ages on Saturday 11th January 2020 from 7:15pm for 7:30pm start, in collaboration with HSS-UK, SSW and SKSST. The session is meant to give a great comparisons of Hinduism hosted by a scholar of Islam & Arabic studies. The […]

Saak Utsav – Sunday 12th January

Jay Swaminarayan and Happy New Year! To mark the end of this auspicious month of Dhanurmaas – Saak Utsav has been organised by our Mandir on Sunday 12th January. Swaminarayan Bhagwan first did Saak Utsav in Loya in the presence of many haribhaktos and santos, cooking over a 1000kg of aubergines, adding a variety of […]

Christmas Funday – Wednesday 25th December

Christmas is only a few weeks away and so is our annual Funday! The day kickstarts at 10.30am and finishes at 5pm. Join us for a fun-filled day of games, activities and prizes for the whole family to enjoy. The under 13s are to arrive in their very best Christmas jumper to be in the […]

200th Vachnamrut Jayanti – Saturday 30th November

Jay Shree Swaminarayan, Don’t forget to join us this Saturday on the 200th Vachnamrut Jayanti! Starting from 11AM to 1PM – A unique presentation pinpointing areas of the Vachnamrut with interactive games & activities for all ages! Whilst the adults enjoy, the kids will also have a separate workshop to get involved in. At 1PM […]

Thursday Jam – 14th November

Health does not always mean being physically healthy. Most of the time, it comes from peace of mind, peace in the heart, peace in the soul. It comes from laughter and love. Join us on November 14th at 7:30pm as we invite a special guest speaker to our Thursday Jam to discuss Mental Health. During […]

Tulsi Vivah – 9th to 10th November

On Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th November 2019, we will be celebrating the holy union of Bhagwan Vishnu and Tulsibai at East London Mandir. Please note the programme for the event: Saturday 9th November: Ganesh Sthapan and Mandap Ropan for Vishnu Bhagwan – 8:30am Sunday 10th November: Ganesh Sthapan and Mandap Ropan for Tulsibai – […]

Diwali at ELT 2019

Jay Shree Swaminarayan, It’s coming up to that time of the year once again… the great festival of Diwali, celebrating Bhagwan Shree Ram’s return to Ayodhya after defeating the great demon Ravan – a great triumph of good over evil. On Sunday 27th October 2019, fireworks will be held at SSW and will start at […]

Sharad Poonam – Sunday 13th October

Please join us for Sharad Punam raas on Sunday 13th October from 7:30-9:30pm. ”Sharad” – The season marking the end of monsoon and the beginning of winter. ”Poonam” – Full moon day. On this day, when the moon is at its brightest, Maharaj played raas with many santos and haribhaktos. The kirtan ‘Juo Juo Sahelio […]

Acharya Rakeshprasadji Maharajshri Visit – Sunday 15th September

Jay Shree Swaminarayan, HH1008 Acharya Rakeshprasadji Maharajshri (Vadtal diocese) will be gracing East London Mandir on Sunday 15th September. 4pm – Short procession to welcome him and santo. 5pm – Aarti. 6.30pm – Thakadthali in the presence of Maharajshri and santo. We hope to see you all there for darshan.