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Amreli Sankhyogi Mandal Visit – Mon 18th Sept

Jay Shree Swaminarayan – Be informed that Sankhyogi mandal from Amreli is visiting our Mandir this Monday evening,18th Sept 2017 from 5:30pm. There is a ladies only sabha after 7pm onwards. Please attend and pass this message to your family and friends to attend to not miss something that is unique for ladies!

Caste in Great Britain & Equality Law

Do you know what caste you belong to? Does your caste determine anything in your current affairs? How has the caste system made any difference to your life? The Government want to caste discriminate through law proceedings. Is the caste system needed in this day and age or is this now a past tradition? We […]

Utsav30 Dress Code

15 days to go until we mark 15 years with our beloved Bal Swarup Ghanshyam Maharaj. Time to get our wardrobes in order! Please note the following dress code for both ladies and gentlemen during the week long celebrations.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses – August 2017

A notice: There is a partial eclipse of the moon on Monday 7.08.17. Due to the UK only seeing the prenumbral section, this eclipse is NOT to be observed in the UK. The total eclipse of the sun on Monday 21.08.17 is to be observed in the UK. Please note the details: Start: 7:40pm Peak: […]

Pre-Utsav30 Takeaway Treats

Jay Shree Swaminarayan! We are proud to announce a special indulgence from Mandir kitchen haribhakto for this weekend only. Our kitchen team will be preparing pre-Utsav30 treats, i.e. fresh samosas, kachoris and hot pizzas to take away, which will be available for everyone to purchase at special one-off rates only this Sunday (23rd July 2017) […]

Rukmani Vivah @ Woolwich Temple

It’s a summer of festivity! Our family at Woolwich Mandir will also be celebrating this summer, be sure to join in, particularly on Day 1 Saturday 5th August as Maharaj travels from East London Mandir to the new Woolwich Mandir for Rukmani Vivah. Saturday 5th August 2017 Programme: East London Temple: Ganesh Sthapna – 7:30am […]

Utsav30 Jabha Set – Order soon!

Calling all boys and gents, get your orders for the official #Utsav30 jabha set in by Sunday 25th June! The white set will be worn at various events this August (Rukmani Vivah at Woolwich Mandir, Abhishek morning and Raas Utsav) and the blue set will be worn for our Nagar Yatra!