Tulsi Vivah – Saturday 4th November

On Saturday 4th November 2017 we will be witnessing the divine union of Bhagwan Vishnu and Tulsibai. Please note the following programme for the day:

Ganesh Sthapan – 8:00am

Mandap Ropan – 8:30am

Jaan Aagman – 10:00am

Hasta Melap – 11:00am

Lunch – 12:00pm

Diwali 2017 – 17th to 20th October

Sharad Poonam – Thursday 5th October

Join us on Thursday the 5th of October for an evening of raas!

Ladies Katha – 29th Sept to 1st Oct

Further to the recent and successful brief ladies sabha with Amreli sankyhayogi baio, it gives us great pleasure to extend this to a 3 day event.

Every evening from Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October there will be a special ladies sabha on the theme of “Nari Tu Narayani” – a katha on the power of female devotees.

There will be bhajan, Q&A etc. Please take part in this special and unique event. All females of all ages are welcome (please note, the katha is for females only). Please spread the word to family members and friends.

Caste in Great Britain & Equality Law

Do you know what caste you belong to? Does your caste determine anything in your current affairs? How has the caste system made any difference to your life?

The Government want to caste discriminate through law proceedings. Is the caste system needed in this day and age or is this now a past tradition? We shouldn’t be treated differently due to our caste, but are we still susceptible to discriminate? Be a part of this movement by filling in this form and have your voice heard, loud and clear – will the legal introduction of caste in UK law help or hinder the prevention of caste discrimination in this country?

See this article on the BBC for various view points on this matter.


Help consult for or against this proposal by completing the survey below from the Government Equalities Office. This consultation is open until the 18th September 2017:

Complete Consultation


To help all Hindu organisations track how many people have voiced their opinions on this matter, please tick the box below once you have submitted the survey.

Lunar and Solar Eclipses – August 2017

A notice: There is a partial eclipse of the moon on Monday 7.08.17. Due to the UK only seeing the prenumbral section, this eclipse is NOT to be observed in the UK.

The total eclipse of the sun on Monday 21.08.17 is to be observed in the UK. Please note the details:

Start: 7:40pm
Peak: 8:04pm
End: 8:28pm

Food should not be consumed from 12 hours before the solar eclipse begins.

Rukmani Vivah @ Woolwich Temple

It’s a summer of festivity! Our family at Woolwich Mandir will also be celebrating this summer, be sure to join in, particularly on Day 1 Saturday 5th August as Maharaj travels from East London Mandir to the new Woolwich Mandir for Rukmani Vivah.

Saturday 5th August 2017


East London Temple:

Ganesh Sthapna – 7:30am

Mandap Muharat – 8:00am

Grahashanti – 8:15am


Woolwich Mandir:

Jaan Agaman – 11:00am

Hasta Medap – 12:30pm

Bhojan (Lunch) – 1:00pm

Kanya Viday – 3:30pm


Venue: SKS Swaminarayan Temple – Woolwich

St Margarets Grove

Plumstead Common


SE18 7RL

Niyamathon – Sunday 16th July

With the Utsav target still in the distance, come along on Sunday 16th July to help us all achieve the niyams!

Utsav30 Jabha Set – Order soon!

Calling all boys and gents, get your orders for the official #Utsav30 jabha set in by Sunday 25th June!

The white set will be worn at various events this August (Rukmani Vivah at Woolwich Mandir, Abhishek morning and Raas Utsav) and the blue set will be worn for our Nagar Yatra!