Ladies Night – Saturday 14th September

After the success of numerous Yuvak Nights, on Saturday 14th September, the yuvatis of East London Mandir are hosting their very own Ladies Night! Come along for some food, games and captivating discussions on the topics that affect us all as women in this society.

Bring your thinking caps for an intriguing escape rooms style puzzle, where you’ll have to test your team work and logical reasoning. Immerse yourselves in a tropical forest, surrounded by the sounds of birds, the rustling of monkeys moving through the trees and a trail of clues to help you get to safety. As the clock counts down, the pressure is on for The Great Escape.

We’re also holding a Nari Shakti Exhibition – honoring women from all walks of life that have left an impact on us – from household names and personal connections, to those unknown names and faces around the world that provide us a new lens through which we can view the world.

If there’s a woman you’d love to honour, upload an image of her in action along with a short caption explaining why here.

We’d also be grateful if you could register your interest in attending using the same page.