Total Lunar Eclipse – Friday 27th July

The forthcoming Total Eclipse of the Moon (classified as longest eclipse of the 21st century) that we need to observe, falls on Friday 27th July 2018 (Ashadh Sud Punam –Gurupurnima). Its timings are as follows:-

Total Eclipse of the Moon – Friday 27th July 2018

Start time: 19:24 BST

Maximum eclipse: 21:22 BST

End time: 23:19 BST


According to our Sampraday, consumption of food should stop at least 9 hours prior to start time, i.e. from

10.24 BST on Friday 27th July 2018.

Children, elderly, unable and unwell individuals who can observe, should obey the fast from 17:58 BST.

NB: Timings are subject to change nearer the event.

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