Aadhik Maas Evening Katha – 4th-6th June

From Sunday 3rd June to Thursday 7th June, our Mandir will be graced by Bhuj santos, including Ghanshyamprasad Swami – an English speaking sant who is part of YM.

A 3 day katha will be held every evening from 4th June to 6th June from 6:00-8:00pm, with aarti taking place at 5:00pm followed by niyams, thaal and chesta.

‘Aadhik Maas’ / ‘Purushottam Mahino’ is a very holy month and essentially means an ‘extra month for the Lord’. An extra month in the Indian calendar to do more bhakti to please him. The power of this month gives extra punya as well and has the power to wash away sins. Therefore this katha is just the perfect thing!

Please join us in the evenings from 4th – 6th June.

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