Shree Ram Pran Pratishtha – Monday 22nd January

Jay Shree Ram!

After hundreds of years of struggle and conflict, Bhagwan Shree Ram is finally and rightfully coming home to Ayodhya.

The wait is nearly over and on Monday 22nd January Ram Bhagwan will be inaugurated at the Ram Janmabhoomi mandir.

On this day, from 7:15pm onwards, we will also celebrate this historic day in full swing. Shree Ram aarti, dhun with band and lazium, lighting of candles and fireworks are just some of the things we’ve planned!

We will be taking donations on this day, and all proceeds will go to India to feed the cows, dogs and birds. The total donation will then be doubled by Mandir!

Come and join us as we celebrate this truly momentous and joyous occasion.

Ramchandra Bhagwan ni Jay!