Charity Bike Ride – Sunday 29th July

Following the success of the East London Charity Bike Ride in 2016, we’re all set to get pedalling again on Sunday 29th July 2018!

With a slightly shorter but hillier route, we will be starting our journey at East London Mandir and heading south of the river to tackle the hills of Woolwich. With a short pitstop and darshan at the recently opened Woolwich mandir, we will head north west to finish our 25 mile journey at Willesden mandir and help them celebrate their Patosav once again.

We’ll be fundraising for Raha International, and supporting Pedalling4Change who are cycling 500km in the heat of Kenya for this chosen charity!

A small and unique charity, Raha International help provide educational support to some of the underprivileged and orphaned children of Kenya.

Supporting them through education to at least secondary school – age 18 in Kenya – they help change the lives of these children as this level of education helps to ensure a decent job in their adult life. Empowerment through Education. By teaching and educating children, we can help to stamp out poverty in some of the worlds most vulnerable places, and this is what Raha International strives to achieve in Kenya.

All ages from 14 years and up are invited to participate, no matter what your cycling ability is – in 2016, we had participants that had never even owned a bike before!

To register for this event, please follow the link below:

To donate to this cause and sponsor our riders, visit:



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